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Shift NameCatholic Charities | Bare Necessities
Imagine what it is like to wonder where your next meal is coming from or how you will clothe your children. One in four of your Memphis neighbors live that reality, as 24.6% of residents live in poverty.  Catholic Charities meets these people where they live through their Fig Tree Emergency Services Program. Volunteers are helping Catholic Charities provide our homeless community with the bare necessities they need.

Materials Needed:
New, unopened adult underwear 
Ziploc Bags

To assist CCWTN, Volunteers will collect or purchase men's/women's packs of underwear. You will need ziplock bags and a sharpie. To complete: open the packs and put a single pair in the ziplock bags and then use the marker to label the outside with the size.

Drop-off instructions:
Arrange a contactless drop-off with Lisa Berry,, or Mandy Lamey,, and deliver to 1325 Jefferson Ave., Monday-Thursday 1-3pm or Friday 9am-12pm. CCWTN asks that volunteers schedule the drop-off to ensure a staff member is ready to receive the donation.
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Date & TimeFri, Apr 23, 2021 1:00pm - 2:00pm


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