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Shift NameMemphis Rox | Leave No Trace Clean-Up
“Leave No Trace” is a simple set of rules that when implemented, allow individuals to minimize impact on nature and the natural ecosystems in which so many forms of wildlife are dependent on.

The goal of this project is to take these same simplistic principles of “Leave No Trace” and introduce them in an urban setting. Memphis Rox will explore and educate viewers on ways they can help to clean up their local environments and be mindful of their impacts towards nature as we move forward together, a staple that is implemented through the Memphis Rox mission and throughout the Soulsville Community. Many outdoors enthusiasts and organizations are used to working with either limited or no budget, so finding creative ways to make the places we love even better, comes quite naturally.

During the interview, Memphis Rox will explain the principles of Leave No Trace and how it connects to any time spent outside. From commuting to work, to hiking in Shelby Forest, to climbing in Colorado, you can learn how to leave no trace.

Materials Needed:
Trash bag

This project can be completed anywhere, from your backyard, to Overton Park, to the trails of Shelby Forest, to the sidewalks of our city. The concept is to pack out what you pack in, but this project takes it one step further to pick up trash that is already there in addition to removing your own trash.
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Date & TimeFri, Apr 23, 2021 11:00am - 12:00pm


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