MAS Volunteer Orientation (Online)

Next date is Monday, December 4th, 2023 from 9:00am to 4:00pm (CT)


The first step to becoming a volunteer at Memphis Animal Services is attending our Level 1 Volunteer Orientation, which is available in the Conference Link section below as well as on our website. After completing the steps in this 31-minute video orientation, you’ll be ready to join us as a Level 1 Volunteer, meaning you help in a number of ways that don’t involve direct animal handling.

After you’ve officially become a Level 1 Volunteer, if you would like to progress to animal handling, you can attend a Level 2 Dog Handling Course and/or a Level 2 Cat Handling Course, both of which are offered twice monthly (once on Saturday and once on Sunday). These courses are found on our volunteer platform. You must have completed Level 1 Orientation and submitted an application following the instructions in the video to sign up for Level 2 courses. 

Level 1 Volunteers are welcome to attend both handling courses if you would like to work with both dogs and cats!

If you are a one-time volunteer or are looking for group opportunities, please check out our website for more information regarding specific opportunities, please email

If you have any additional questions, please email

Registration Opened
Registration Closes
Any time before each end date or when space runs out.
Age Limit
12 and up
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Teens ages 16-18 are welcome to watch our online orientation here and become a Level 1 Volunteer, which has no direct animal handling. Once they have our Under 18 Waiver signed by a parent or guardian, they can volunteer independently at the shelter.

Kids from ages 12-18 years old are able to attend volunteering sessions with their parents, while following a few simple guidelines:

  • Their parents have signed the Under 18 Volunteer Waiver
  • Their parents have completed Level 1 or higher volunteer orientation (and only do volunteer activities appropriate for that level)
  • Their parents always supervise them and never leave them unattended
  • The under-18 volunteer may interact with the pet once the adult volunteer has securely moved the pet to a meet-and-greet area. But the under-18 volunteer may never have control of the pet, i.e. never hold the leash while walking, never take a pet out of or put a pet back in the kennel.

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