I am a student at the University of Memphis. I am majoring in Mathematics.



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    Jeff Black

    Jeff @ U of M: Disability Resources for Students, Diversity Ambassadors Program Panel

    I was asked to serve on a discussion panel regarding ableism. This was for the U of M DRS staff (and other U of M staff) who are participating in the Diversity Ambassador's Program. We discussed my experiences (and other students'/ staff experiences). I found it very enlightening to hear about other panel members' experiences with their disability and any experiences of ableism (discrimination in favor of able-bodied people). I was very happy to help the DRS office at U of M and I look forward to any future opportunities to help.

    Gave 1.00 hour on 09/30/2020 with Volunteer Odyssey, University of Memphis
    Herbal Work Study: Spring Greens

    Sherri is absolutely a delight to work with and she really knows her stuff. I enjoy every volunteer opportunity with her. We placed plants that had outgrown their smaller pots into larger plants, watered them and prepared them for sale.

    Gave 3.50 hours on 03/14/2020 with University of Memphis, Volunteer Odyssey
    The Wolf River 5K

    Staff was professional and easy to work with. The event was well organized. While it was cold and rainy, this group was definitely one I could see myself working with again.

    Gave 3.50 hours on 01/18/2020 with University of Memphis, Volunteer Odyssey
    Herbal Work Study: Seeds

    Wonderful and insightful. I found Sherry to be supportive and informative. I will definitely be back.

    Gave 3.75 hours on 01/11/2020 with University of Memphis, Volunteer Odyssey

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