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Beverage Volunteers - Chicken & Beer Fest

Hi! I do have some feedback to help improve next year's festival.

-Two beers per tent is a good amount (that's what we had). More than that leads to indecision and creates long lines.
-We started with 3 cases of beer and ran out in 90 minutes. It took a while to get the other 2 cases of beer as well as more ice, and longer to let the beers chill. I would suggest having more beer, and having it there at the very beginning of the event. (I was actually unaware we'd be getting more beer, as that's how it was done at other events like this; the other pourer at my tent left, and I would have left too but I wanted to let someone know we were empty and were leaving.)
- I would suggest dedicated runners to refill the water pitchers at the tables and water coolers for the attendees. We didn't know where to get more so we ended up filling ours out of the blue coolers, which contributed to THOSE running out. These same volunteers could empty the dump buckets too.
-More ice.
-I didn't know who to contact or where to physically go if we needed things. Make an announcement about that, and also create a phone number that people can call if there's a big problem (or just text if they need to say ”tent 33 needs more _______"). You can create one of these for free with Google Voice / Google Hangouts.
-Easily accessible 1st aid kits. At least 4 pourers near me needed a band aid. Also, things like tape (it was windy) would be nice to have too.
-Every tent needs 1-2 pitchers water, 1-2 dump buckets, 2-3 bottle openers (even if they're cans), 2-3 tubs for ice and beer. The chairs were nice to have for taking breaks, thanks!
-Larger numbers for the tents.
-Instructions on what to do with the empty bottles/cans, and garbage bags if you're pouring cans (i.e. no boxes to put them back into).
-Ability to request volunteering at same table with a friend would be nice.
-There were "floater" volunteers but since they weren't really needed for the first hour, I think they got bored because the pourers didn't see them at all when we needed a break. Maybe assign one floater per 3 or 4 tents, and either have them arrive a little later or give them a task for the first hour so they don't get bored and wander off.

That was a lot, sorry! But, overall a good event and if I'm in town for it next year I would volunteer again. Thanks!

Gave 5.25 hours on 08/11/2018 with Muddy's Volunteers, Volunteer Odyssey