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University of Memphis
Alternative Breaks Program

These hours encompass the Alternative Break Experience international trip to Marsh Harbour, Abaco Island, in The Bahamas with a focus on disaster relief after Hurricane Dorian. This time overall was an amazing experience and I am very sad that it had to end so early due to COVID-19.

03/10: We served 8 am - 5 pm cleaning debris at an older couple's house. They wouldn't be able to start cleaning and rebuilding their property until all of the debris was tidied up into a pile, so we spent this time cleaning debris, weeding, cutting down trees, and more to create a huge pile so they could bulldoze the debris and start construction on their house.
03/11: We served 8 am - 5 pm at the only school on the island that is expected to open back up in September 2020. We did several tasks that moved them forward in their reconstruction process, such as taking down the fencing so they can put up new fencing, installing insulation, painting, and organizing what was left of the curriculum.
03/12: This day was similar to the first day of service, as we spent the time cleaning debris and cutting down trees. However, this day was different because the damage was much worse. The first house was still standing and the people were living in it, they just needed their roof fixed. The house we did this day was completely damaged and it was impossible to enter the house. The father and his daughter who lived there were living in tents in their front yard. Despite the fahter having stage 4 cancer, he was out there helping our group fix his property. This was a very moving experience. This day we served 8 am - 12 pm.

Gave 22.00 hours between 03/09/2020 and 03/13/2020 with University of Memphis, UofM Emerging Leaders, Volunteer Odyssey
Saturday Morning Burrito Ride

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Sarah Jones

Sarah @ Mid-South Mission of Mercy

This was an amazing experience! I worked dental triage and was able to network and learn about the field I want to go into all while helping others.
I signed up to volunteer on their website:

Gave 6.00 hours on 01/24/2020 with Days Of Service, University of Memphis, UofM Emerging Leaders, Volunteer Odyssey
Medical District MLK Day Volunteer Project
Wednesday Night Burrito Ride
Wednesday Night Kitchen Help
Saturday Morning Burrito Ride
Wednesday Night Burrito Ride