Currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Business Management with Universities of Memphis. I love to get involve in the community on my free time. I am ready to volunteer wherever I can make a difference.



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    Barbarita Vega

    Barbarita @ Midsouth transplant foundation

    I donated two of my hours to help spread awareness in my community. I was used as a model for organ and tissue donation encouraging community to register and become organ and tissue donors. Had lots of fun doing so.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 03/06/2020 with University of Memphis, Volunteer Odyssey
    ReStore Floor Volunteer
    ReStore Floor Volunteer
    RESCHEDULED [MLK Days of Service] Raleigh Neighborhood Cleanup
    MLK Days of Service

    Today we cleaned over 20 drains in the Raleigh-Frayser area. These drains wouldn’t have been clear out anytime soon as this area is on the bottom of the list for Shelby County. This project will help implement and start a new community group.

    Gave 2.50 hours on 02/01/2020 with Clean Memphis, University of Memphis, Volunteer Odyssey
    St. Paul Garden Volunteering (Tuesday)

    Gave 1.00 hour on 11/13/2018 with University of Memphis, Volunteer Odyssey
    St. Paul Garden Volunteering (Tuesday)

    Volunteering with Grow Memphis, I was able to help in a community garden. Not only did I get to help gardening but I also helped make homes for bees.

    Gave 1.00 hour on 11/13/2018 with University of Memphis, Volunteer Odyssey
    Shelby Farms Park 10 Miler + Buffalo 5K

    Volunteering at Shelby Farms Park 10 miler was very fun and challenging. I myself have being more active lately so seeing people running 10miles in 30 degrees Fahrenheit weather was extreme. Even though I was out there helping direct traffic, I could picture myself running along their side. They were all very fearless. At the end of the 10 miles, I had the chance to greet numerous amounts of runners. While some got medals, others got fist bumps.

    Gave 4.50 hours on 11/10/2018 with University of Memphis, Volunteer Odyssey
    Walk for the Animals

    I originally did not pick out the middle shift because I usually like to be behind the scenes, setting up. Going in mid-thru the event was very random because I did not know what exactly I was going to be doing. At first, I was a little nervous. To my rescue came one of the numerous sponsors asking for help in the craft section. I was able to work with kids between the age of 2-10. I was even able to use some of my creative skills to create my own craft using construction paper, scissors, glue, and plates. Through my experience in this event, I am more than likely coming back to help the humane system through volunteering.

    Gave 4.00 hours on 11/03/2018 with University of Memphis, Volunteer Odyssey
    Spooky Movie Night

    Volunteering for the Shelby Farms Park, I was able to help maintain the community park clean of trash. I was also able to meet new friends who are willing to help out in the community instead of going out to parties on a Friday night. The event coordinator, Julia Barredo, welcomed me with such joy and excitement. Having a warm welcome made me look into other volunteering opportunities with Shelby Farms.

    Gave 4.00 hours on 10/26/2018 with University of Memphis, Volunteer Odyssey