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Loves creative endeavors, animals, and anything in purple. Thankful to be apart of an organization that has a heart to give back to its community.



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Kimberly Bowie

Kimberly @ RMH - Ronald McDonald House

Awesome setting up jenga games and playing basketball with kids. Nice windy spring day with a beautiful city view.

Gave 3.50 Hours on Mar 27, 2018 with Volunteer Odyssey
Salvation Army Bike Building Activity
Kimberly Bowie

Kimberly @ Ronald McDonald House

Had fun conversing with the public and wrapping Barnes and Nobles items to raise money for the families of RMH. We raised $206.00 on our shift alone!! Angie was a great partner to work with. We had fun and made a difference!

Gave 4.00 Hours on Dec 22, 2017 with Orion Federal Credit Union, Volunteer Odyssey
Kimberly Bowie

Kimberly @ Ronald McDonald House

Wrapped toys and clothing items that the parents selected in the store for their kids. I had a great experience and felt so much joy and happiness. There were loads of Disney and kid themed wrapping paper rolls to choose from/ we helped make a lot of people happy today.

Gave 3.25 Hours on Dec 21, 2017 with Orion Federal Credit Union, Volunteer Odyssey
Soulfull Memphis Operation Christmas Basket

Working on an assembly line filling boxes with food and paper goods was a blast. I enjoyed bonding with my Orion Teammates for this experience.

Gave 3.00 Hours on Dec 13, 2017 with Christmas Food Basket Event Preparation Events, Orion Federal Credit Union, Volunteer Odyssey
Manna Christmas

It was awesome serving the community and conversing with folks as they came to wait in line in expectation of the food, gifts, and message they would receive. I'm so glad I didn't miss this opportunity to partake and get involved. It was the perfect day to work crowd control because the weather was nice and sun was shining. It was very meaningful.

Gave 4.00 Hours on Dec 10, 2017 with Volunteer Odyssey
Junior Achievement In A Day - Goodlet Elem.

Teaching the second graders the importance of money and entrepreneurship. They were so animated and lively and so grateful at the end of teaching session. I partnered with Jennifer Bates and Led 2 sections, we co taught and took turns leading. I was a teacher for a day!

Gave 5.00 Hours on Nov 21, 2017 with Volunteer Odyssey
Indie Memphis Film Festival

Was really cool learning about the thriving film industry in Memphis! I enjoyed working at the box office and helping people with their tickets and show times!

Gave 3.50 Hours on Nov 3, 2017 with Volunteer Odyssey

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This impact is private