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Memphis Medical District Collaborative

Dominique Crocitto

I had a wonderful time helping serve the community. Those that I volunteered with and those that work for the charity were so welcoming! I even enjoyed talking to those in need that visited the food pantry. I had a really great time.

Gave 4.00 hours on 10/24/2019 with Memphis Medical District Collaborative, Volunteer Odyssey
Julia Amezquita
Caitlyn Harris
Anterrika Williams
Chanel Mahone
Tiffany Lott
Vicky Malone Williams
Morgan Singleton
Lamin Touray
Blair Hawkins
Amber Saturday
Nastarshia Jones
Corey Miller

I gained insight from the workers who experience the clean up on a daily basis. They have a very important role in keeping our public spaces clean.

Gave 2.00 hours on 01/21/2019 with MULYP, Volunteer Odyssey
Shelby Foltz
Shaylie Butler
Theosha Williams
Jessica Taylor

It was amazing to see how many citizens in Memphis came out to clean the city. The work ethic and caring nature that the organizers possess is truly inspiring. I was so engaged in this event that it was over before I knew it. Cleaning my city only gave me hope for a better tomorrow.

Gave 2.00 hours on 01/21/2019 with University of Memphis, Volunteer Odyssey