Memphis Athletic Ministries


Another All Around MAM Morning n
For Leawood: To Home Depot with Nick to purchase 2 reefers and 1 small freezer. Could purchase 2 out of 3, but didn’t have the right code for the third. Always the way…,
To MAM HQ and threw myself at the feet of Suzanne to provide the said magic code. Suzanne graciously did the paperwork.
To GC to drop off pillow case and books for Girls’ Room. They’ve been decorating and it looks wonderful. Lock and chain for Coach Mary’s uniform storage provided to Coach Eric.

Gave 2.45 hours on 06/16/2021 with Volunteer Odyssey

At MAM Leawood: Two We Are from Harvest put up library shelving in The Warehouse. Constructed industrial punk book shelf in the breezeway. Moved books on to units.

Gave 14.00 hours on 06/09/2021 with Volunteer Odyssey

An All Around MAM Day!
At MAM Olivet: 3 hours cleaning two white laminate tables in Girls’ Room that were covered in fingernail Polish and latex paint. I am beginning to have a great hatred of magenta and silver glitter polish!
At MAM HQ: Drop off receipts from GC projects.
At MAM Leawood: 2 hours in moving in library furniture up 20 steps. Spoke with staff about status of projects and plan for tomorrow.

Gave 5.00 hours on 06/08/2021 with Volunteer Odyssey