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Refuge Memphis

Thomas Hewes
Elysia Green
Telesa Robertson
Elisha Cox
Amber Brown

I can’t explain how impactful and enlightening my time spent with all of the amazing people at Refuge Memphis! Those are ALL very special people and I can’t wait to do more to help get the word out about Refuge Memphis and all of the good works they are doing for those in need in our community!!

Made an impact on Mar 24, 2018 with Volunteer Odyssey
Ryan Mckinstry
Christionne Burns

I would definitely do it again. The wonderful ladies who organized the event were super helpful and considerate, and I had a good time giving lunches to those who need them. It really had a great impact on me overall.

Gave 5.00 Hours on Mar 17, 2018 with Volunteer Odyssey
Charlie Atkins
Charlie Atkins

It is a very good ministry.

Gave 2.00 Hours on Feb 24, 2018 with Volunteer Odyssey
Cullyn Moore

Gave 2.00 Hours on Feb 24, 2018 with Service on Saturday, Service on Saturday, University of Memphis, UofM Emerging Leaders, Volunteer Odyssey
Jackie Likens
Unarikko Young
Arnetra Young
Jacqueline Mathews

This impact is private

This impact is private

Nita Black

Nita literacy training with Refuge Memphis

Good group! Lead training for about 20 people.

Did literacy training of 0.00 on Dec 11, 2017 with Volunteer Odyssey
Nita Black

What a day! Lots of people there who needed help.

Gave 3.00 Hours on Dec 10, 2017 with Volunteer Odyssey
Kimberly Bowie

It was awesome serving the community and conversing with folks as they came to wait in line in expectation of the food, gifts, and message they would receive. I'm so glad I didn't miss this opportunity to partake and get involved. It was the perfect day to work crowd control because the weather was nice and sun was shining. It was very meaningful.

Gave 4.00 Hours on Dec 10, 2017 with Volunteer Odyssey
Javon Hall