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Refuge Memphis

Melody Ashley
Pamela Cherry

Good team and doing great work!

Gave 5.00 hours on Jun 30, 2018 with Volunteer Odyssey
Melisha Cooper
Markus Stephens
Therese Acklen
Melody Ashley
Zac McRae

Wonderful experience for a great cause

Gave 2.00 hours on Jun 23, 2018 with Volunteer Odyssey
Therese Acklen
Jaime Russell
Therese Acklen

This impact is private

Shelby Stieff

I am thoroughly enjoying meeting the nice people coming in and providing a service to them. The volunteers are all very nice, and was very helpful with answering questions about registering the customers, and helping them get the services that they needed.

Gave 1.50 hours on May 26, 2018 with Volunteer Odyssey

This impact is private

Niki Schoggen

As a volunteer, this meeting made me feel important, valued, and appreciated. The meeting was timely and informative. Great team. Great organization!

Gave 3.00 hours on May 5, 2018 with Volunteer Odyssey
Jarveon Hudspeth

Gave 2.50 hours on May 1, 2018 with Collegiate School of Memphis, Volunteer Odyssey
Shane Chambers
Thomas Hewes
Elysia Green
Telesa Robertson
Elisha Cox