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Gave 7.50 hours between 05/29/2018 and 06/05/2018
Taylor King
Taylor King
Taylor King

With it being my first time, it was well worth my two hours. I really enjoyed myself and working with Mr. Coleman.

Gave 2.00 hours on 11/03/2017 with University of Memphis
Elana Leav

It was such a nice event to do on a Friday morning before school. I really enjoyed hearing about this non-profit organization that helps out local farmers. It was so nice getting to see all the fresh produce they get from local farms and bring them to different places around Memphis. Today, we put together seasonal fruits and vegetables to give to workers at St. Jude. It was such a great experience and I would be more than happy to do it again!

Gave 3.00 hours on 10/27/2017 with University of Memphis
Meredith DeLeeuw

Gave 2.00 hours on 09/22/2017 with GrowMemphis, Memphis Tilth, Shelby Farms Park, Southern Reins Center for Equine Therapy, Volunteer Odyssey
Kelsey Hawkins
Jasmine Johnson