Protect our Aquifer



Our mission is to protect, conserve and preserve the Memphis Sand Aquifer.

Also known as the Sparta Aquifer outside of Tennessee, the deep sand aquifer is our most precious natural resource. We work to maintain its superior quality and quantity to keep our region thriving for the benefit of present and future generations.

Formed out of necessity in 2017, Ward Archer founded the organization thinking it would be a short-lived legal fight. It soon became apparent there is no entity working to protect the source of drinking water for Shelby County, Tennessee and much of the Mid-South. Protect Our Aquifer is a501(c)(3) nonprofit with a force of citizen advocates challenging threats to the Aquifer. In five years, POA has become a leading voice in the science-based protection of the Aquifer and the people that depend on it. The organization serves as a critical tool to unify the diverse stakeholders of water management to Protect Our Aquifer.

Sustainable Development Goals
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