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“The fate of communities and the vitality of local news are intrinsically linked,” said a 2018* study. And yet “there are hundreds – if not thousands – of communities at risk of becoming isolated news deserts.”

StoryBoard Memphis’s mission is to connect Memphis’s authentic assets.

As a multimedia producer (online and in-print articles, podcasts and a streaming television program), our core business is to provide intimate looks into Memphis as one of the world’s centers of cultural influence and innovation. We produce in-depth, immersive and long-form feature stories on local arts, culture, history and community. We explore how Memphis history informs our present and future, and we present intimate portraits of the individuals and organizations hard at work aspiring to and seeing the city through to its possibilities. We champion the city’s authentic assets, build bridges between communities and connect past to present

StoryBoard Memphis works towards this mission through a quarterly print publication, a weekly e-newsletter, online publications, podcasts, a (in-development) streaming television show, and projects dedicated to in-depth coverage of local arts, history, and culture in partnership with arts and community organizations.

It is our vision to address the gaps in in-depth, immersive and feature-length storytelling in Memphis and connect local arts and culture to the community. We also aim to provide critical information resources to and on behalf of the community through our individual contributors as well as partnerships with other digital media platforms, area nonprofits, arts and cultural organizations and neighborhood redevelopment programs and associations.

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