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Out of the Woods Wildlife’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release orphaned and injured Tennessee wildlife while inspiring others to co-exist peacefully with wildlife, through education and advocacy. 

👓 Vision
We envision a compassionate world where people respect, protect, and coexist with wildlife, creating a healthy ecosystem for all living things. 

💜 Values
Our values are the core of everything we do as a wildlife rehabilitation organization.

We always treat animals and humans with empathy and kindness, and encourage others to do the same.   

We are dedicated to creating the best future possible for native Tennessee wildlife through rehabilitation and release, and by inspiring others to protect wildlife and their habitats.

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards, following all state and federal laws for wildlife, and sharing honest information with the public.

We are committed to continuous education, so we can provide the best, evidence-based treatments  for our patients, and so we can share valuable information with the public.

🏆 Goals

Rehab and release
We will treat each animal’s needs in the moment, offering them the tools they need to make a recovery, so we can release healthy, self-sufficient critters back into the wild. 

Educate the public
As we learn more about these amazing creatures, we want to share our learnings with the world to inspire everyone to appreciate biodiversity and co-exist peacefully alongside native wildlife.

Train more rehabbers
We’ll continue to grow our network of trained and licensed rehabbers until we reach a point that no call goes unanswered, and that every animal receives the care they need. 

Sustainable Development Goals
197 People | 421 Impacts | 790 Hours | 22,559 Total Economic Impact

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Created on Oct 10, 2022