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In 2015, Chris Hope visited a friend’s child who was in cancer treatment in Memphis, Tennessee. In the room next door, a mother with her child in treatment, both far from home, sat fretting about how she would make her next mortgage payment in their hometown.

When childhood cancer and other life-threatening illnesses take families away from their home lives for treatment, it also takes moms and dads away from their jobs. It takes kids away from the comfort of their own belongings.

After talking with the mother next door, Chris Hope wanted to help. He and some friends pooled together their money and made a financial gift to the family — enough to cover their mortgage payment that month.

The Chris Hope Foundation was born on that day.

Our work helps ease the financial and emotional burdens families face when their child is in treatment or hospice care. You are critical to the success of that work! 

Happy Hearts Program

The Happy Hearts program was born out of our desire to bring final wishes to pediatric patients in hospice or end-of-life care. Through Happy Hearts, we grant a wide array of requests, which may range from a custom shirt to a family gathering or outing. In partnership with Le Bonheur, we also give a mini-shopping spree to one patient a month in 
our “Kid of the Month” initiative.

Giving Hope Scholarship

The diagnosis of childhood cancer changes the trajectory of patients’ futures even several years after treatment concludes and they enter remission. We have seen teen patients lose scholarships they thought they could count on due to factors beyond their control, such as a late start after treatment. Some teens who beat their illness are still left with little to no funds to achieve their post-secondary education. In 2018, we created the annual Giving Hope Scholarship fund to help teens who have had or are currently battling pediatric cancer.


The Chris Hope Foundation’s TeamHOPE is a group dedicated to raising funds for sick children and the hospitals that serve them. The team is made up of over 100 members from all corners of the country and we are always welcoming others to join us. TeamHOPE proudly averages $110,000 each year through fundraising events and engaging campaigns. These dedicated crusaders also participate in races benefiting the cause throughout the year, all in the name of raising awareness of pediatric cancer and finding a cure.

Lylah Grey's Ray of Hope

This gift-giving program gives light to children undergoing treatment for life-threatening illnesses and those who have recently completed their treatment. Each year, this program is brought to one of our hospital affiliates and never fails to bring the brightest of smiles to the faces of those experiencing some of the darkest of times.

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