ArtWorks Foundation



ArtWorks Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit focused on helping artists grow, in their business and their work through exhibitions & education initiatives.

In the performing arts, organizations such as theater, ballet and opera companies provide artists with both opportunities to work with other performers, and a support group of administrative and technical staff.

That’s what ArtWorks Foundation and our events seek to do for the community of artists engaged in 

3-D media, such as glass, metal, wood, clay & fiber. ArtWorks Foundation’s mission is helping these artists grow, in their business and their work, through programs including exhibitions and education initiatives: such as, scholarships for advanced study workshops at schools for Fine-Craft. 

We are also aiming at establishing an endowment to fund Emergency Relief Grants to help area artists resume careers derailed by disasters or catastrophic illness. Longer term, we’d also like to build a Center for Fine-Craft, with studio and exhibition spaces. 

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