Mid South Toys for Tots



Toys for Tots began in 1947 as the brain child of Marine Corps Reserve Major Bill Hendricks, Actually it was his wife, Diane, who was the real inspiration. She had crafted a few handcrafted dolls and asked Bill to deliver them to an agency that supports children in need.
When Bill reported back to his wife that he could not find such an organization, she instructed him to “start one!”. Maj Hendricks and the Marines in his reserve unit in LA collected and distributed 5,000 toys in 1947.
Come join the Mid South Toys for Tots volunteers!  We are serving 23 counties within the Mid South. We are planning to assist 25,000 newborn to 12 children. We are opening our warehouse for volunteers to assist in setting up toys stations, sorting toys, bundling toys and picking toys for the families. We are in a warehouse, so wear comfortable shoes and clothing. You could get dusty.  Come join us!! 
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