8th Grade Memphis Apprentice Program Tutor Mentor




The 8th Grade Memphis Apprentice Program (MAP) is a new after school tutoring and mentoring program for incoming 8th graders. This program aligns students with tutors who will aide in academic success and enrichment; plus, mentors who will serve as compassionate support to students in their academic, personal, and social lives. Each combined to promote academic performance and personal prosperity.

The purpose of this after-school program is to provide students with a learning platform to promote academic success, financial literacy, positive social skills, and high school preparedness. This will be achieved by providing adult volunteer tutors to improve students' grade point averages, aide in homework/classroom assignments, and educate students on proper study habits and test-taking skills. Volunteer mentors are provided for students to serve as companions and role models as well as an additional resource for students during the life skills portion of the program.

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