Volunteers for Soulfull Memphis Operation Christmas Basket

Hi! This page is for volunteers to assemble and pass out Christmas baskets, not for recipients of baskets. 


This page is for Soulfull Memphis Operation Christmas Basket VOLUNTEERS. This is a community event organized for the purpose of sharing the joy of the holiday season with thousands of seniors and needy families through the gift of a holiday food basket.

You will be assembling large boxes of canned, packaged, and fresh food along a conveyor. There are nearly 30 items going into each box so teams will be organized around each item as well as those loading the baskets into recipient's cars. While most volunteers will be working inside the warehouse on an assembly line, some will volunteer outside. Please be prepared for rain, snow, or sunshine that day and dress accordingly. Wear warm layers and comfortable shoes.

· Please do not bring valuables. Leave purses at home or put them in your trunk.

· Please do not wear jewelry on fingers or wrists that could slip off while working.

· Water, coffee, and refreshments for all volunteers will be provided.

· Volunteers will be provided with a Team Max shirt to wear while we work.

NOTE: this page is for volunteers, not basket recipients. To register for a basket, visit: 

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