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The Compost Fairy



The mission of The Compost Fairy is to provide Memphis residents a central place to bring their kitchen scraps in order to reduce waste, increase resources for sustainable gardening, and connect people in the community.

The Compost Fairy started in 2014 to help Cooper-Young residents find a better way to use their kitchen scraps. We provided interested neighbors with a small bucket for scraps which they would then pick up every week or so. 

The project was a great success and, with some help from the Cooper Young Community Association, we have been able to expand the program to be able to serve more people who have compostable material. The Compost Fairy provides free buckets (large and small) and educational resources to anyone who wants to start composting at home. 

As of 2016, The Compost Fairy now has a booth every Saturday at the Cooper Young Community Farmers Market from 8am - 1pm, where you can drop off your fruit and veggie scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, and other compostable kitchen materials. At the moment, all materials are taken to a local, sustainable farm until the compost process is finished. The Compost Fairy provides free finished compost giveaways throughout the year for people who participate in the project. 
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