J.I.F.F. Live Life Together Mentoring Program


JIFF was founded in 2003 as a faith-based program that serves court-involved youth of Memphis/Shelby County to break the destructive cycle of youth crime through Christ-centered intervention.   The Live Life Together Mentoring Program (LLT) of JIFF, Inc. was established in 2016 as a follow-up component to enhance the impact of court-involved youth.   It serves youth aged 10-18 who are high-risk for repeating offenses. Mentors can help our organization provide, build, and establish life on life relationships using a hybrid model of community and sit-based mentoring.

The LLT mentoring relationships meet for an average of four hours or more per month.  Our vision it to connect community leaders, business professionals, and individuals living a faith-based lifestyle in strong mentoring relationships with our youth.  Those relationships will promote the following achievements: retention in school, regular advancement in grade level to graduation, individualized career plans, soft-skills, post-secondary education, enrollment in occupational trades leading to certification, employment opportunities, and/or encourage a faith-based lifestyle free from a life of crime.

26 People | 26 Impacts | 65 Hours