Binghampton Development Corporation



Binghampton Development Corporation (BDC) is a community development nonprofit focused on improving the quality of life in the Binghampton community. Since 2003, the BDC has served the community of Binghampton and provides strategies for revitalization to shift the neighborhood from economic oppression to opportunity. Driven by the expressed needs of residents, the BDC pursues holistic community development through four strategies:

1. Property development and blight abatement — acquiring and redeveloping blighted or strategic parcels for housing, commercial use, or community assets like parks, green space and the Purple House

2. Community asset building — Binghampton Times newspaper, resident associations, the Greatest Gift Christmas Store, senior health seminars, youth summer entrepreneurial program

3. Support of personal capacity development — construction job training program, the Carpenter Art Garden, Cornerstone/Lester Prep and East High School after school activities, housing counseling, and free personal tax preparation

4. Economic development — Binghampton Gateway Center and supporting small business ownership by refugee and immigrant residents
45 People | 18 Impacts | 41 Hours

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