Carpenter Art Garden


The Carpenter Art Garden's mission is to work with the children of Binghampton to promote each one's creative potential and self-worth through exposure to artistic, educational, and vocational programs. The Carpenter Art Garden is working towards this end by creating meaningful and impactful after school programming that nurtures the talents of neighborhood children. Programs are offered on the seven Carpenter Art Garden properties on Carpenter Street. **Must attend a new volunteer meeting before membership is granted and before volunteering with us.**

552 People | 1,119 Impact | 16,557 Hours

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Kristin, I will be at Art Garden on Tuesday afternoon. For the record, this website is not especially user friendly - at least for me. I hope you are able to capture my volunteer hours for your record keeping. I know it makes a difference when you are asking for foundation support. Best, Moira
Abby, I plan to volunteer at the Art Garden on Tuesday for the bike parade. I can bring some candy for the kids to pass out. If you need me pick up pizza, i can do that too. Moira