Compassion Party on the Road


Compassion Party on the Road (CPR) began as a risky and spontaneous adventure led by homeless members of Jacob's Well and their friends who wanted to help our neighbors on the streets. Today, CPR has become full-fledged, organized chaos where people come from all over the city to join in with the compassion parties our faithful team members organize each Wednesday night to feed 80-100 people through 3-4 different teams.

Jackson/Summer CPR:  To go out with our outreach teams in the Summer Ave. / Jackson Ave. area, arrive in the parking lot of Walgreen's on the corner of Highland and Summer Ave. ready to depart by 6:00 p.m.

Why:  We do this as an act of reciprocation.  We have been shown mercy, so we offer mercy.  And we are blessed to be a blessing.

We would love for you to join in the excitement any Wednesday evening.  We've found that it is a great hands-on serving activity for kids as well.  Because of long-term relationships & credibility with our homeless neighbors, we have never had any incidents occur during CPR. 

182 People | 70 Impacts | 126 Hours