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Helping Hands + Helping Paws Volunteer & Support Fair

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm


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As an animal lover in the Mid-South, it can be a very helpless feeling to know there are SO MANY animals in need in our area, especially when you want to help but you don't know how.

That's why Memphis Animal Services and Memphis Public Libraries are bringing you the Helping Hands + Helping Paws Volunteer & Support Fair!

The inaugural Helping Hands + Helping Paws Volunteer & Support Fair will bring together various types of nonprofit groups working for and with animals. 

Learn about:
- The different types of local organizations working for and with animals
- Which groups focus on areas you're most passionate about
- Which groups have support opportunities that are a good fit for your unique talents

You'll also learn about the MANY ways you can give support to these groups, which vary greatly from group to group, but can include:
- Volunteering hands-on with animals at events or at facilities
- Fostering (and all the different kinds of fostering)
- Transporting
- Admin work onsite
- Admin work from home
- Creative work like photography, videography, graphic design, writing, web design, social media
- Fundraising support through event planning, appeal writing, networking
- Board/advisory board service
- Donating funds
- Donating needed items
- Attending fundraising events
- And more!

The event will feature just a small sampling of Memphis’s animal rescue groups, shelters, advocacy, and community outreach groups, as well as groups that work with animals to help people. You'll have the opportunity to learn about and speak to the groups one-on-one, as well as listen as the organizations make their “pitch” for support in a two-minute presentation.

The event is free and open to the public. It is for humans only, so please leave your furry friends at home. But don't worry--you won't have to last a full two hours with no animal contact (imagine!!!). You'll have the opportunity to meet Mid-South Therapy Dogs Bentley, a Goldendoodle, and Lola, a beagle mix.
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Location: Meeting Room C, 3030 Poplar, Memphis, TN 38111