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Starry Nights

Friday, November 24th to Friday, December 29th, 2017


Positions500 Remaining
Close Date12 hours before the event starts or when space runs out.
Age Limit16 and up
Starry Nights is the largest holiday light show and festival in the Mid-South.  It's also the longest running celebration at Shelby Farms Park.  The magic of the holidays is brought to life through twinkling light displays, cozy campfires and visits with Santa.  Each year, over 100,000 visitors cruise through the lights of Starry Nights making it an annual tradition for families.

Volunteers are needed to help ensure parking and visitor experience go smoothly for our visitors. Hot chocolate guaranteed! This is a great opportunity for families, groups and individuals to serve!
Social Website
14 and up with an adult
PerksAll of the hot chocolate your heart desires, as well as an opportunity to view the lights at the end of the show!
Parking DetailsPlease park in front of the address listed.
366 Positions Filled | 0 Impacts | 0 Hours

Location: 6903 Great View Drive North, Memphis, TN 38134

Shifts (36)

Name & TimeDescriptionPositions
Start: Fri, Nov 24, 5:00PM
End: Fri, Nov 24, 11:00PM
25/25Full (Add to Waitlist)
Start: Sat, Nov 25, 5:00PM
End: Sat, Nov 25, 11:00PM
25/25Full (Add to Waitlist)
Start: Sun, Nov 26, 5:00PM
End: Sun, Nov 26, 10:00PM
25/25Full (Add to Waitlist)
Start: Mon, Nov 27, 5:00PM
End: Mon, Nov 27, 10:00PM
Volunteers on this night will be helping with our annual Starry Soiree! On this night, Starry Nights is closed to the public, and open as a thank you to special partners and donors of the Park. Volunteers will help with parking, traffic and logistics!15/15Full (Add to Waitlist)
Start: Tue, Nov 28, 5:00PM
End: Tue, Nov 28, 10:00PM
25/25Full (Add to Waitlist)
Start: Wed, Nov 29, 5:00PM
End: Wed, Nov 29, 10:00PM
25/25Full (Add to Waitlist)
Start: Thu, Nov 30, 5:00PM
End: Thu, Nov 30, 10:00PM
25/25Full (Add to Waitlist)
Start: Fri, Dec 01, 5:00PM
End: Fri, Dec 01, 11:00PM
35/35Full (Add to Waitlist)
Start: Sat, Dec 02, 5:00PM
End: Sat, Dec 02, 11:00PM
18/18Full (Add to Waitlist)
Start: Sun, Dec 03, 5:00PM
End: Sun, Dec 03, 10:00PM
Start: Mon, Dec 04, 5:00PM
End: Mon, Dec 04, 10:00PM
Start: Tue, Dec 05, 5:00PM
End: Tue, Dec 05, 10:00PM
Start: Wed, Dec 06, 5:00PM
End: Wed, Dec 06, 10:00PM
Start: Thu, Dec 07, 5:00PM
End: Thu, Dec 07, 10:00PM
Start: Fri, Dec 08, 5:00PM
End: Fri, Dec 08, 11:00PM
Start: Sat, Dec 09, 5:00PM
End: Sat, Dec 09, 11:00PM
8/8Full (Add to Waitlist)
Start: Sun, Dec 10, 5:00PM
End: Sun, Dec 10, 10:00PM
Start: Mon, Dec 11, 5:00PM
End: Mon, Dec 11, 10:00PM
Start: Tue, Dec 12, 5:00PM
End: Tue, Dec 12, 10:00PM
Start: Wed, Dec 13, 5:00PM
End: Wed, Dec 13, 10:00PM
Start: Thu, Dec 14, 5:00PM
End: Thu, Dec 14, 10:00PM
Start: Fri, Dec 15, 5:00PM
End: Fri, Dec 15, 11:00PM
Start: Sat, Dec 16, 5:00PM
End: Sat, Dec 16, 11:00PM
Start: Sun, Dec 17, 5:00PM
End: Sun, Dec 17, 10:00PM
Start: Mon, Dec 18, 5:00PM
End: Mon, Dec 18, 10:00PM
Start: Tue, Dec 19, 5:00PM
End: Tue, Dec 19, 10:00PM
Start: Wed, Dec 20, 5:00PM
End: Wed, Dec 20, 10:00PM
Start: Thu, Dec 21, 5:00PM
End: Thu, Dec 21, 10:00PM
Start: Fri, Dec 22, 5:00PM
End: Fri, Dec 22, 11:00PM
Start: Sat, Dec 23, 5:00PM
End: Sat, Dec 23, 11:00PM
Start: Sun, Dec 24, 5:00PM
End: Sun, Dec 24, 10:00PM
Start: Mon, Dec 25, 5:00PM
End: Mon, Dec 25, 10:00PM
Start: Tue, Dec 26, 5:00PM
End: Tue, Dec 26, 10:00PM
Start: Wed, Dec 27, 5:00PM
End: Wed, Dec 27, 10:00PM
Start: Thu, Dec 28, 5:00PM
End: Thu, Dec 28, 10:00PM
Start: Fri, Dec 29, 5:00PM
End: Fri, Dec 29, 11:00PM