Backstage Crew

Open Opportunity


Be part of the team that creates the magical world of the play.  Unlease the rain....reconstruct an empty space into snowy, Victorain England....transform the haggard beggar into a beautiful enchantress....cause the Baker and his Wife to get lost in the woods....

Backstage crew schedules and applications will be posted here as soon as they become available.
In general possible backstage crew positions include:
     - Stage Crew / Floor Crew
     - Pin Crew / Fly Crew
     - Dresser
     - Spotlight Technician
     - Sound Technician

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47 Remaining
Age Limit
16 and up
Requirement Details
It is preferable that crew members volunteer for the entire technical rehearsal and performance process. If that is not possibly, for the consistency and quality of the show, you must sign up for most of the technical rehearsals and at least half of the performances. Applicants who can work the full schedule will be given preference. Our crew members are assigned specific duties, which they learn during a one to two week technical rehearsal period. They continue to fulfill those duties during the three to four week run of the show. To achieve the best possible show quality, we must have a crew that is well trained and consistent. Crew assignments are a vital part of the production. ALSO, when the final schedule is posted, we need you to stay true to the dates you have committed to. It is VERY hard to replace you on last minute or without notice.
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