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Meritan Midnight Classic Bike Tour and Moonlight Tailgate

Saturday, August 26th to Sunday, August 27th, 2017


Positions0 Remaining
Registration OpensTill registration closes
Registration ClosesAny time before each shift ends or when space runs out.
Age LimitFamily Friendly
Meritan needs volunteers for our upcoming signature fundraising event! Starting at Tiger Lane, this age ages, 15-mile ride features a leisurely bike tour through Overton Square and Cooper-Young. We need volunteers to help with setup, takedown, food setup/distribution, registration/waivers, and even manning corners and cheering on riders all along the tour route (remember to bring your spirit sticks!). Corner volunteers can also compete in the Bling Yourself and Bling Your Corner contests! All volunteers will receive a t-shirt and can enjoy drinks and snacks after the ride ends.
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PerksVolunteers receive a t-shirt prior to, and snacks after, the event.
CausesChildren & Youth Community Crisis Support Persons with Disabilities Employment General Service Health Homeless & Housing Poverty & Basic Needs Older Adults Sports & Recreation Veterans & Military Families Victims' Services Gender
SkillsRace Registration Event Planning Fundraising Elderly Assistance Food Distribution Food Preparation Recreational Activities
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Location: Tiger Lane, 250 Early Maxwell Boulevard, Memphis, TN 38104

Shifts (31)

Volunteer Registration Table3:30pm (CT)12:00am (CT) 3/2Over
Greeters/Floaters for Waiver Tables8:00pm (CT)12:00am (CT) 4/4Over
Map Table8:00pm (CT)12:00am (CT) 2/2Over
Registration Table8:00pm (CT)12:00am (CT) 3/3Over
Pre-Registration Packet Pickup Table8:30pm (CT)11:30pm (CT) 8/8Over
Central Library Water Stop10:30pm (CT)2:30am (CT) 4/3Over
Food Preparation10:30pm (CT)12:00am (CT) 3/3Over
Overton Square Water Stop10:30pm (CT)2:30am (CT) 1/1Over
University of Memphis Water Stop10:30pm (CT)2:30am (CT)Corner of Patterson and Central Avenue in front of the FedEx building.2/2Over
SAG Trucks11:00pm (CT)3:00am (CT)Provide rider assistance as needed along route2/3Over
Corner -- Central Avenue and Early Maxwell (first left hand turn)11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 3/3Over
Corner -- Central Avenue and East Parkway (left hand turn)11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 4/3Over
Corner -- Central Avenue and Zach Curlin (left hand turn)11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 2/2Over
Corner -- Cooper Street and Madison Avenue (left hand turn)11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 3/3Over
Corner -- Early Maxwell and Central Avenue (final left hand turn)11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 2/2Over
Corner -- East Parkway and Poplar Avenue (left hand turn)11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 3/2Over
Corner -- East Parkway and Young Avenue (right hand turn)11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 3/2Over
Corner -- Goodlett Street and Central Avenue (right hand turn)11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 2/2Over
Corner -- Madison Avenue and McLean Boulevard (right hand turn)11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 2/3Over
Corner -- McLean Boulevard and Poplar Avenue (left hand turn)11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 2/2Over
Corner -- North Parkway and East Parkway (right hand turn)11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 2/2Over
Corner -- Poplar Avenue and Stonewall Avenue (right hand turn)11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 3/2Over
Corner -- Poplar Avenue to Tillman Street (left hand turn)11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 2/2Over
Corner -- Stonewall Avenue and North Parkway (right hand turn)11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 2/2Over
Corner -- Tillman Street and Walnut Grove (right hand turn)11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 2/2Over
Corner -- Walker Avenue and Patterson Street (right hand turn)11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 2/2Over
Corner -- Walnut Grove and Goodlett Street (right hand turn)11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 2/2Over
Corner -- Young Avenue and Cooper Street (right hand turn)11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 1/3Over
Food Distribution to Riders11:30pm (CT)3:00am (CT) 5/5Over
Ride Route before Event11:45pm (CT)12:00am (CT) 0/1Over
Starting Line Rope Monitor11:45pm (CT)12:30am (CT)Segments riders into groups4/4Over