Annual Youth Financial Forum

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For the past five years, RISE’s Goal Card program has offered a 5-hour financial workshop to its high school students. We provide a host of things such as: transportation, breakfast, refreshments, lunches, door prizes, as well as extremely helpful, financial information and a “goodie bag” full of take home items for each participant. The objective is to provide all the students within the program the proper information and tools that will help them to make better financial decisions that lead to an overall better quality of life for them and their family. (i.e. students with fewer student-loan debt) Thus, long-term success is a community that is less poverty-stricken and more financially stable. We bring business professionals from the financial world to speak directly to students in an assembly-type manner for a day. This gives the young program participants a host of sound advice how what to do or not to do while establishing their financial foundation
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