Adult Learning Program Assistant

Open Opportunity
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Do you like organizing and data? Like talking on the phone and meeting new people?
Help us stay connected to learners and volunteers!

This opportunity will work with the Adult Learning Program staff doing data upkeep/input and calling/following up with learners and tutors. Literacy Mid-South has over 400 adult learners and volunteer tutors. You can help us stay on top of volunteer questions and keep learners and tutors engaged with us! After we train you on our systems, some of the work can be done at home. Phone calls can be completed from our office during regular business hours. 

Responsibilities & Expectations:

• Call learners and tutors to check-in/survey and invite to upcoming events
• Compile a list of tutors checking in regularly; of those create stories to share as facebook posts/newsletter stories
• Encourage tutors and learners to give feedback about our program and to complete reports
• Make learner intake folders
• Organize informational materials to take to libraries
• Input assessment scores into our database
• Research and regularly post new resources for tutors in the facebook group
This could be 2-3 hours per week for 3-6 months.
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